Warranty Policy


1. Condition is guaranteed

– The equipment is currently under warranty, this term is inscribed on the warranty stamp or warranty card of the product.

– We only guarantee the failure of equipment related to product quality under normal conditions of use.
– The equipment sent back to the warranty center must have full warranty stamp or valid warranty card of that product.

2. Conditions are not covered by warranty

– The equipment brought to the warranty center is not full warranty, the warranty is torn by repair customers.

– The manufacturer, distributor or the serial number of the device does not match the serial number on the warranty card.
– Disasters caused by natural disaster, fire, electric shock, mechanical deformation caused by falling or improper installation.
– The damage caused by subjective reasons of humans, animals …

3. After-warranty service

– Devices and products purchased at KAZAWA have expired warranty period or are under warranty conditions.

– Repair center of the company repaired at preferential prices or assisted to be repaired genuine.


Email: 24h@kazawa.vn

Support time: 8 am – 5 pm except for Sundays, New Year holidays.