Agent Policy

First of all, KAZAWA CO., LTD would like to send our sincere thanks to all customers who have been and will be interested in supporting our company.
Due to the need to expand the business, to meet the needs of customers across the country.

KAZAWA CO., LTD needs to cooperate with agent network in all provinces in the country.

KAZAWA CO., LTD respects the cooperation to develop together from organizations, enterprises, and individuals who are interested in business.

Establishing agents nationwide with the motto “COOPERATION WITH DEVELOPMENT”

– Always looking for cooperation opportunities as well as willing to share business opportunities and interests with Agents.
– Build long-term partnerships on the basis of collaborative commitments and shared goals.
– Always interested in agents and reasonable adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of business cooperation between the two parties.
– Fair and reasonable support policy throughout the distribution channel.
– Always support timely and always commit to supporting the maximum share with the dealer before the market fluctuations.

1. Promotion support, product introduction:
– Agents have supported catalogs, leaflets, product introductions poster … under the company’s programs.

– An agent is certified as the official distributor.
– An agent is updated information about prices, products, policies and marketing programs, promotions, sales materials.
– The two sides together to promote, promote the sale of products in the form of new products, quality products, outstanding products.
2. Technical assistance, solutions:
– Agents are supported by phone or directly at the company.
– The agent has supported documents, videos … technical instruction related to the installation of the product.
– Agents can participate in regular training courses on products, technology, training organizations if required by the agent.

1. Periodical purchase discount:
– Based on monthly sales commitment, agents will be eligible to participate in the discount program on agency-only sales.
– When fully committed to purchasing committed goods, agents will be entitled to the discount rate agreed upon from the beginning of the month.
– This discount policy is independent and is conducted in parallel with other support or business promotion programs.
2. Purchase price:
– Based on the results of the purchase and other commitments, you will be entitled to the agent’s price policy.
– Price policy is designed to ensure the competitiveness and maximize profits for agents in the market.
3. Principle Agreement:
After the signing of the contract, your agent will be included in the list of privileges, enjoy the policy for the agent of the company.
4. Forms of payment:
Customers can pay by Transfer or Cash.